Would you like to try the Airtrailer Mono/Duo/Mobility scooter before you buy? Do you need to take a motorcycle or mobility scooter to a garage for maintenance? Or are you planning to take one or two motorcycles on holiday with you? The fact that you can also rent an Airtrailer from us makes all of this possible!

The Airtrailer is suitable for (heavy) motorcycles, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs. We rent out the trailers as standard with a Steady-stand (motorcycle) or front week hook (mobility scooter), straps, a 12V compressor and/or bicycle pump, spare wheel and drawbar lock.

We do not operate fixed exchange days and times. We will make an appointment with you to collect and return the Airtrailer. We advise you to read the rental agreement and instructions before collecting the rented Airtrailer. A deposit is payable at the beginning of the rental period. The deposit will be returned to you when you return the Airtrailer free of any damage for which you are responsible.

Rental rates

  Airtrailer Mono Airtrailer Duo
1 day € 50 € 100
1 week € 170 € 270
2 weeks € 240 € 340
3 weeks € 310 € 410
4 weeks € 380 € 480
5 weeks € 450 € 550

More information?

Please complete the form below for more information about availability and the required rental period and rent. We will send the information and/or the rental agreement to you by email as soon as possible.