Alle Airtrailers zijn door de RDW Europees type goedgekeurd en worden afgeleverd met een EG-certificaat van overeenstemming (COC document)


The Airtrailer makes it possible for you to get out and about with your partner, family or friends. The Airtrailer is ideal for transporting your mobility scooter.

You can lower an Airtrailer's loading platform completely to the ground in order to drive your mobility scooter easily and safely onto the trailer. There is no height difference - you easily dismount from your mobility scooter. Close the tailgate and your journey can begin.

Weighing only 150 kg, the Airtrailer fits behind virtually any car. All mobility scooters fit on an Airtrailer.

The use of 8-inch tyres gives the trailer a low centre of gravity. Together with the air suspension, this creates optimum driving comfort.

When you are not using the Airtrailer, you can easily store it upright and move it around with the caster wheels. This makes it easy to place the trailer in front of or next to your car in a garage or car park. The upright height of the trailer is 2.23 metres, including the ball coupling. With the ball coupling removed, the height is 2.08 metres.

The Airtrailer is virtually maintenance-free. All trailers are sand-blasted and black powder-coated as standard to guarantee their durability.

Our trailers meet the highest standards and are European type-approved by the Dutch vehicle licensing authorities. Since 29 October 2012 it has been compulsory for all new trailers with a maximum permissible weight lower than 750 kg to be European type-approved. Our trailers are given a chassis number and a sticker on the drawbar stating the name of the manufacturer, the type-approval number and the technically permissible maximum mass and nose weight. All Airtrailers are delivered with a certificate of type-approval details, a COC (Certificate of Conformity) document.

Our trailers are equipped with a safety pin in accordance with the requirements. The safety pin prevents the trailer from lowering during the journey in the event of something going wrong with the air pressure system.

The Airtrailer is a sound Dutch product and is custom-made in the Netherlands, based on more than 20 years' experience!

A bicycle carrier is available as an optional extra so that you can take a bicycle as well as your mobility scooter with you.




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Length with closed tailgate: 1.83 m
(loading platform 2.05 m)
Width: 1.70 m
(loading platform 1.00 m)
tailgate width: 0.88 m
Vertical height: 2.23 m
(without ball coupling 2.08 m)
Number of mobility scooters: 1
Kerb weight: 150 kg
Loading weight: 450 kg
Max. permissible weight: 600 kg