1. Always connect the Airtrailer to your car when lowering or raising it.
  2. Points to look out for when lowering the Airtrailer:
    a. Unlock the tailgate and lower it.
    b. Make sure that the safety pin (on the left-hand side of the Airtrailer) has been pulled out. Turn the pin slightly to lock it and prevent it from falling back into the "triangle".
    c. Place the caster wheel upwards so that the Airtrailer does not rest on it.
    d. Press the valve above the air pressure system to depressurise it.
  3. Drive your mobility scooter onto the Airtrailer up to the wheel lock or the wheel bracket. Apply the handbrake on the mobility scooter if possible.
  4. Fasten the straps (at least 2 recommended for a mobility scooter).
  5. Pump up the air trailer with a 12V compressor or a bicycle pump, which you connect to the valve of the air pressure system.
  6. Pump up the Airtrailer to about 2 cm (just over thumb-thickness) under the stop. Check this from time to time during your journey (temperature differences may cause a degree of variation).
  7. Please note: allow the safety pin to fall back into the 'triangle' when the Airtrailer has been raised back up.
  8. Recommended tyre pressure: 1.6 bar for a mobility scooter of 150 kg, 2.6 bar for a mobility scooter of 300 kg and 3.3 bar for a mobility scooter of 400 kg. The Airtrailer mono is delivered as standard at 1.6 bar.

Have a good journey, and many safe kilometres!